Webinar June 1st | 2PM EDT

The Future of AI in Customer Care: What Surprises are Coming?

GSS Grupo Covisian / Nearshore Americas Webinar

Contact centers have been traditionally served as transactional centers, resolving queries, or providing fixes. But things are changing quickly. Major investments in automation and new technologies, including self-service, artificial intelligence (AI) are prompting a new concern: Are enterprises missing the larger opportunity to transform customer service into a competitive advantage?

Adding the human touch to digital interactions, guaranteeing an excellent customer experience and anticipating customer needs can be very valuable growth drivers. Join our June 1st webinar as we explore:

  • The relevance of mapping processes to decide on the right technology to implement
  • How to best utilize customer journey maps to design processes
  • How to anticipate the customer’s needs.
  • The important role of Artificial Intelligence as an enabler of the human being (customer care agent).
  • How relevant are the issues that are not identified as a priority by consumers, but that have a direct impact on CS, and how AI can help with this.
  • How contact center efficiency does not need to be opposed to customer experience.

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General Manager Colombia – GSS Covisian Group

Martha Berrío

Martha has more than 15 years of experience in outsourcing operations, processes and supply chains. She is an economist from the Universidad de los Andes, and has a specialization in supply network design from Universidad de los Andes and GeorgiaTech, as well as a Master's degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Innovation and Digital Transformation (MBA Tech Monterrey).
Main Street CX Consulting

Stuart Beame

Spearheading an innovative change management approach for such companies as Spirit Airlines, Liberty Latin America, and Ford Motor Co. to solve the issue of Customer Satisfaction CSAT, First Contact Resolution FCR and Sales which existed in the CX Omnichannel Voice, Chat and BOT agents. Stuart created the holistic methodology, called Discovery Learning, which enables the agents to consistently apply the appropriate solution and recommendation. Developing a robust Knowledge Management System KMS with simple to read and follow templates consistently that include guided workflows coupled with adult learning theories trained in person and virtually. These empowered agents now apply the recommended scripting to the scenario presented in a consistent and effective manner. The results are dramatic improvements in CSAT, FCR, SALES and BOT response rates.
CEO and Founder, SoulCX

Stephanie Todd

Stephanie is a "fixer" in the simplest sense of the word. She’s a customer-focused executive leading global organizations and partners through strategic customer experience and growth transformations. Delivering innovation, growth and increased profitability.

Kirk Laughlin

Kirk Laughlin is Managing Director and Founder of the Nearshore Americas – the widely respected media and advisory group which examines the emergence of Latin America as a global leader in technology services and digital innovation. During the last 11 years, Laughlin emerged as one of the foremost thought-leaders on the expansion of tech-based commercial services and investment in the Americas. Kirk and his team are frequently called on for data analysis, market insights and commentary. Nearshore Americas offers client marketing platforms, advisory services, content and lead generation services, custom events, Latin America-focused trade missions and customized research. Earlier, Laughlin was a vice president and Managing Director at Ziff Davis Enterprise, a global media group, based in New York City. He is based in Connecticut.