Roll Video: Wizeline Co-Founder on Silicon Valley’s Restrictions vs. Mexico’s Potential

Matt Pasienski, Co-founder and Head of Growth at Wizeline, is seeing the value and potential of Mexico's talent pool first hand since leaving Silicon Valley

The name “Silicon Valley” will always be synonymous with technological innovation, but as the process of this innovation has begun de-centralizing, Mexico has proven itself as a viable alternative to the Valley, which in turn is attracting non-Mexican talent to the ecosystem.

Matt Pasienski, Co-founder and Head of Growth at Wizeline, is the personification of the “tech-xpat” trend, pulling up his San Francisco roots to find a new life in Guadalajara, where he is seeing the value and potential of Mexico’s talent pool first hand.

Matt’s opinion is that Silicon Valley has lost the ability to scale, so people who would be very successful there struggle to break in. Mexico, on the other hand, has been great for finding both middle management and quality programmers for the company.

As Matt described when he first moved south of the border, “The American Dream has moved to Mexico. If you work hard in Mexico you can buy a house, have a family, and live a good life. That’s not something I can see happening in San Francisco right now.”

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